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JTT - Over 30 years of service from entrepreneurs to entrepreneursO

Since 1988, JTT has offered comprehensive and customer-oriented auditing and advisory services to local companies and business owners.  



JTT Audit offers statutory auditing and assurance services. We are the largest independent auditing company regionally and we are proud to employ 7 auditing professionals full time.

Our auditing process is efficient, digital and customer oriented.

Audit is always an assurance engagement, and our primary responsibility is to ensure that our customer’s financial statements give a true and fair view. However, our goal is not only to perform an audit that meets external requirements, but we always strive to provide our customers with valuable information to support decision making.

With questions concerning audit services, please contact our CEO and partner Petri Makkonen.

JTT Advisory offers a wide range of advisory services in corporate transactions of all types and sizes. Examples of our offering are valuations, merger & acquisition advisory and financing advisory.

We work closely with our clients to provide comprehensive support and advice. We always strive to provide our customers with easily approachable services tailored to each situation.

Our values as an advisor are confidentiality, honesty and comprehensibility. Our goal is that with our help, the execution of even complex arrangements is smooth for the customer and he or she can focus on the actual business.

With questions concerning advisory services, please contact our partner Antti Pekkarinen.


About Us

We are proudly a local company with over 30 years of experience. Our services combine the strengths of both a large and a small service provider.

We have the expertise and resources to perform a wide range of work efficiently and with high quality. In addition, we want to operate with our own names and faces, and we cherish individual customer service.



We are a team of skilled and committed professionals. We take pride in being trustworthy, punctual and customer oriented.

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or visit us at Siltakatu 18, Joensuu